We are a 501 (c)(3) organization reaching out to our local community to provide assistance to the people of Haiti. 

The Auction is a co-operative effort of the Amish and Mennonite community of Sarasota, Florida to bring relief to the hungry, the sick, the naked, and the homeless people of Haiti. Relief is given without regard to race, religion, color or creed. We are a channel through which people can contribute by volunteering, donating, buying goods, and raising money, to allow 100% of the proceeds to go to these charities.

100% of the proceeds of the annual sale are given to the respective mission so that they can best direct the funds. Each individual organization already has channels in place and are well positioned to help the people of Haiti as quickly and directly as possible.


State Delegate, Chairman: Lavern & LeAnna Troyer 706-371-3007
Vice-Chairman: James & Carolyn Miller 740-504-1595
Treasurer: Calvin & Melissa Nissley 937-515-7057
Auction Controller: James & Carolyn Miller 740-504-1595
Solicitation & Publicity: Nic & Lynette Yoder 941-993-9268
Secretary: Kyle & Annie Stoltzfus 484-680-8321
Furniture: Brandon & Dorcas Keim 941-961-4318
Food Manager: Mervin Yoder & Fannie Yoder, Mike & Treva Miller 941-961-3981
Tools Tent Manager: Chris & Melissa Vasquez 813-784-0973
Quilt Manager: Lester & Betty Troyer 814-952-7593
Fun Foods: Mike & Treva Miller 740-485-2853



The Needs

The Needs in Haiti

Decades of political unrest and occasional tropical storms have wrecked the country and its’ economy to the extent that over 80% of Haitians live in abject poverty, and survive on subsistence living. The result of subsistence living creates a cortex of problems. Deforestation results from cutting trees for cooking fires, or to sell as fuel. Landslides occur as a result of deforestation, which causes viable water supplies to be lost or destroyed, resulting in sickness by consuming and utilizing impure water, and the cycle continues downward.

These problems create a need for wells, food, housing, schooling, spiritual tutoring, orphanages, roads, clinics, etc., in any given mountain village.

When possible, mission outposts utilize items such as sewing machines, knitting supplies, grinding mills, welders, etc. to assist in self-help teaching. Virtually all of these supplies must be imported from the U.S, which also incurs a considerable expense.

Who Receives Funds in Haiti

Who Receives Funding

The missions which receive funding through Haiti Benefit Auction must meet specific church affiliation prerequisites.

H.B.A. is an organization constituted of the Plain Anabaptist people, to fund like-minded mission and humanitarian efforts in the country of Haiti.

Stringent requirements must be met annually, by the missions applying for funds. A sampling of these requirements are: No monies to be managed by native Haitians, Missions must have American staff residing in Haiti, Sisters are to consistently wear head veiling and modest dress, T.V. is disallowed, confirmation that previous funds were used for project(s) stated, as well as stating intent of project(s) to pursue with current funding request. Additional guidelines and requirements are available upon request.

H.B.A desires to be flexible enough to accommodate the missions with unforeseen (natural disaster) needs, yet stringent enough to maintain accountability to one another, and together, to God.

How Funds Are Dispersed

Disbursement Of Funds

Each state board, drawing from the list of approved missions, selects the number of missions they will disburse funds to, maintaining the selected list from year to year. Each state is committed to disburse 100% of net sale proceeds. Following an auction, the state board will review the applications submitted to the Executive Board. The Executive Board is comprised of a delegate from each State Board, a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. They comprise a governing body that oversees the state boards and attends to business, such as the annual consideration of mission requesting funds. The state boards familiarize themselves with the most desperate needs of missions they are funding. Then, together and methodically, they determine the disbursement amount of each mission., no single board member determines an amount to be disbursed.

What is Haiti Benefit Auction?

What Is Haiti Benefit Auction

H.B.A. is a collaborative effort of the Amish Mennonite people in North America, to procure monetary resources for relief efforts in the country of Haiti.

The primary goal of H.B.A. is to supply Anabaptist faith-based missions, involved in rendering spiritual and humanitarian aid to the country of Haiti, with funds needed to make these efforts a reality. With H.B.A. generating the resources, missions can stay focused on needs.

H.B.A. requires of itself, as well as the missions supported, that financial integrity and responsibility is maintained without exception. The auctions, held annually in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, and new york, are a collaborative effort of the Plain People across the U.S. as well as the community where the auctions are held. All personnel involved in any fundraising function give time, energy and other resources without any compensation whatsoever. All board members fund their own transportation to and from any H.B.A. event.

Since 1981, when the first auction was held in northern Indiana, the Amish Mennonite communities of America have rallied to support the overwhelming spiritual and physical needs in the country of Haiti. In spite of the tremendous outpouring of monetary resources, and the selfless efforts of the mission boards and their staff, there remains a plethora of needs.

How Can I Help

There are numerous ways to assist with this rewarding relief effort. First and foremost, pray for the safety of the missionaries in Haiti. The political condition in Haiti is invariably unstable. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the missionaries to face emotional stress for their personal safety on a daily basis. The mission boards and staff also need prayer on their behalf, to under-grid them against the Satanic forces at work in the country of Haiti.

In a tangible way, one can assist by fabricating items for the auction, such as (indoor/outdoor) furniture, crafts, afghans, quilts, clocks, board games, etc., or by donating quality items, as (tradesmen or yard) tools, generators, trailers, ATV’s, etc. Another excellent way to assist is to provide monies for specific auction needs, such as defraying the expenses of a menu item needed for dinner. In many of the ways you give, you are able to “watch your donation grow,” as sale items typically exceed “market value”.

Your support gift is tax-deductible. When donating item(s), you are eligible for aa receipt, equal to the “fair market value” of the item(s) donated. With monetary gifts, receipts reflect the amount contributed. 


We pray God to bless all those who contribute to His work, both in Haiti and around the globe.

Hope for Haiti

Hope For Haiti

How much time is needed until Haitians can become self-supporting? Why does it take so much money? Will the efforts in Haiti be successful? Is all the effort worth it?

These questions and many more can be asked regarding the work in Haiti. Whether Haitians will be able to support themselves depends largely on the political leaders, and how much they suppress the natives and the economy. The rededication of the country to voodoo by the late presidents indicates well the presumed course for the country.

Do we measure success by how much impact we make on the economy or by how many souls we can reach for Christ? While it is well to focus on the physical and material needs, we have a call upon us as believers to take the Gospel to the unsaved. Morally we are all responsible for the well-being of our fellow-men. Each missionary, coming to help meet a need for food, spiritual aid, clinics, road building, or clothing, brings with them another ray of hope to a ravaged land.

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